Homeschooling: What is MFW-ECC?

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If you are just starting out with homeschooling, you are probably researching as much information as you can about curriculums and important subjects that you need to teach your children. Most likely, you have encountered the letters “MFW-ECC” in your research, but you have no idea what they mean. If you are a member of a homeschooling forum, some parents may even be recommending this to you.

Look no further because you will find the answer in this article.

┬áJust what is MFW-ECC? MFW-ECC stands for “My Father’s World-Exploring Countries and Cultures“. My Father’s World is arguably one of the best Christian Homeschool Curriculums, incorporating the ideas and teaching methods of British educator Charlotte Mason with the Biblical perspective. In their curriculum for Grades 2 to 8, perhaps the most famous is their unit study on Geography entitled “Exploring Countries and Cultures” or simply “ECC”.

ECC is a foundation curriculum focusing on Geography for one entire year. Basically, this unit study lays the groundwork for higher level studies on History.

During the first two weeks of ECC, you will be homeschooling your child about the world in general, map reading basics, and the identification of major continents and other location on the globe. Once your child has the basics down pat, you can move on to “visiting” the various continents and countries.

What makes ECC unique is that these “visits” to different countries is seen through the eyes of prominent Biblical figures and missionaries. Called “Hero Tales”, this aspect of ECC features stories of evangelists, such as St. Paul, and modern day missionaries. As you and your child relive the stories of these people, you learn about the countries they have visited. This will not only include the culture of the peoples in these countries. Science is also incorporated in these studies. You will be teaching the child about the climate and topography, as well as the prominent ecosystems, flora and fauna in these regions.

As you know, there is a continuing debate on creation as depicted in the Bible and Charles Darwin’s theories of evolution (which are considered contradictory to Christian belief). With ECC, Christian parents will be delighted to discuss with their kids about this debate in language that is appropriate for their age.

There is a new edition of the MFW-ECC package available, but parents of the first edition can have their curriculum package upgraded. The new MFW-ECC curriculum package consists of a Teacher’s Manual, a treasure trove of books including “Hero Tales”, “Exploring World Geography”, “A Trip Around the World”, “Window on the World”, “Living World Encyclopedia”, “Properties of Ecosystems”, ┬ájust to name a few. Kids will be delighted by the Passport and the “Flags of the World” Sticker Book to give a feel of authenticity to their travels. There are also art and music activities with the use of “Global Art” and “Wee Sing Around the World”. The curriculum also includes a reading list for supplemental references that you can easily borrow from your library.

Already a comprehensive package in itself, parents can opt to get complementary material such as Primary and Intermediate English Language Lessons, Spelling Power and Writing Strands. There is even an option to learn foreign languages.

Learn more about MFW-ECC by visiting their website at today!


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