Shurley English: A Review

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Homeschooling parents want their kids to be able to speak and write in perfect English. To accomplish this, they would need a good English Language Arts curriculum that will enable them to teach their child the basics of this subject. A good example of such a curriculum is Shurley English.

What is Shurley English Curriculum?

Shurley English covers Grades 1 to 7, focusing specifically on grammar and composition. The lessons require continuous interactions between the homeschooling parent and the child. It consists of a teacher’s manual (with explanations on the teaching method used in the program as well as additional teaching tips, student workbooks with accompanying worksheets and writing assignments.

It should be emphasized at this point that the student workbooks are not reproducible, so you will need to buy additional workbooks for your other kids. The child will be able to learn the grammar basics through the CDs, which contain cute jingles. Shurley English is divided into levels, each of which having a supplemental Practice Book. When you purchase the program, you will have access to their 24/7 support at their official website found at

How Does It Work and Advantages?

How would you go about teaching your child basic grammar with Shurley English? You first let your child listen to the CDs so that he/she can memorize the jingles with the grammar rules. Through question and answer, they are able to dissect the parts of sentences by asking and answering questions to determine article, subject, noun, verb, direct or indirect object, and more.

The workbooks serve as a supplement. They present the sentences with added elements. As the contents of the workbook presents more complicated sentences, the child will be required to answer more complex questions regarding sentence construction. This combination of visual, verbal and written tasks enables the child to utilize all of his/her learning faculties. As the child progresses through the program, he/she will soon be able to identify parts of speech and syntax, correct usage when it comes to verb tenses, punctuation, and capitalization.

As soon as the child masters some grammar rules, they are made to construct their own sentences following sentence formulas described in previous lessons. Once they have accomplished sentence construction, they move on to writing paragraphs going on to compositions.

One thing that you will need to make full use of is the supplemental Practice Book that comes with the Teacher’s Manual. The book contains practice sentences that are appropriate for the particular grade level. To properly use the Practice Book, the parent writes down the practice sentences, and then has the child practice on classifying the words that are contained in the sentences.

Downside of Shurley Grammar

There is one disadvantage with Shurley Grammar. The program covers grammar and composition ONLY. It does not include other vital Language Arts areas, such as reading, phonics, spelling, and literature. If your child is particularly weak in these areas, you would need to purchase a separate curriculum.

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